Forex scalper / Want to be a Forex scalper?

Forex scalper / Want to be a Forex scalper?

Some scalpers are already satisfied with 1-5 PIPs.
And you actually step out of a certain position very quickly, sometimes even within 5 minutes.
A scalp trade is a trade that you can only keep up to 1 hour to get your pips.
If you want to scalpe, you first have to look for a good broker. Because not every broker is happy with scalpers and also have certain rules where they do not allow scalping.
So first look for a broker that has an attractive spread and where you should not hold a trade for at least a certain amount of time.

Forex scalper

There are many traders who do not like scalps at all.
The scaling of forex can sometimes go very fast and you should therefore always ensure good risk management.
I scalp forex myself for a number of years and i love it! You are active in the forex market and you make a number of trades per day.
You can make good money with it if you know what you are doing and which times are best to take a scalp position.
In addition to scalping, I also do Swingtrades, but I do this next to them because you often keep them for a longer time for a nice profit.

Do you want to scalpe yourself but do not know exactly how?
I will gladly explain everything about scalping.
What are the perfect times and what kind of risk management is exactly sensible if you are a forex scalper.
Feel free to contact me and who knows you will soon be a forex scalper at the top!

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