What do I get when I join The Forex Scalpers?

By joining The Forex Scalpers you become a part of a dedicated global community
of over 1000 traders and have access to over 60GB of educational content. This
content includes Forex books, PDFs, weekly market analysis and roadmaps with
both live and recorded webinars.
Outside of the course content, you will be introduced into one of our live 24-hour
chat groups whereby you can exchange advice, tips and questions with other
traders specializing in both swing trading and scalping. These are real people with
real trading experience, and our community is built upon an open and accessible
platform to share financial knowledge.
Additionally, I host a daily 60-minute Q&A where the market is analyzed and profitable
entries are discussed and debated. Lastly – you will have a direct line of contact
to me for any trading or general questions you have about the markets.

How quickly is my membership activated?

As soon as we have received your payment, you will receive immediate access to
the course content, live community chat and full member privileges.

Do you offer trade signals as well as analysis in the chatgroup?

We do not provide direct trading signals. This is an illegal practise. However as
part of the daily Q&A and market analysis, myself and members will openly discuss
possible strategies to base our daily entries upon.

Are there Monthly fees or post-membership upgrades?

No. You only need to make a simple one-time payment, and that’s it – you are a full member of The Forex Scalpers.

Who is the course suitable for?

The education in our content and community caters perfectly for traders of all experience
levels! The community has welcomed members who are brand new to
trading as well as established, long-time professionals.
Traders of all experience levels have been able to massively enhance their abilities
through the open platform of discussion, analysis and advice within our community.
Professional traders looking to discuss the more advanced levels of trading have
access to an additional chat group reserved for conversations about the markets
at their most complex.

Are trading mentors and professionals active in the group chats?

Yes. There are several mentors and active professional traders who regularly participate
in the community chat. The idea is to give full support for questions or analysis
to achieve the results you want.

Will my time-zone stop me from accessing the group chats and full member benefits?

No. Our global community has active members in every continent. The chat is active,
virtually for 24 hours throughout the Frankfurt, London, New York and Asia
Sessions. There will always be a Forex Scalper online.



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